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The modern healthcare market is incredibly complex. Successfully navigating that complexity requires perspective.  Pivotal puts all the information you need to facilitate strategic decisions at your fingertips.

Pivotal, a SaaS platform supports many organizational departments, including strategic planning, real estate, and facilities management. Aggregating and contextualizing organizational, market, strategic and asset based data enables users to dynamically scenario test and archive strategic decisions alongside projected ROI. By providing the ability to react quickly to changing market  conditions, health systems can use Pivotal to optimize organizational approaches to patient services, real estate strategies and capital allocation.

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The Power Of Perspective.

The Opportunity & Solution

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In today’s market, a dynamic and pro-active organizational strategy is essential for growth and success. Planning professionals are tasked with data collection and assessment, developing relevant business analytics, and creating and implementing strategies and tactical plans to achieve organizational goals. Pivotal’s analytics and visualization engine provides access to a broad range of relevant organization and market level data, empowering strategic planners with analysis and actionable insights that drives better business outcomes.

Real Estate

A healthcare organization’s portfolio of real estate assets is no longer seen as just a collection of facilities that house care operations, but rather as a critical driver of organizational growth and success. A comprehensive and integrated real estate strategy is the foundation upon which highly effective organizations align care resources with population and community-based needs. Pivotal’s mapping, visualization and valuation tools provide the perfect platform for strategy formulation and dynamic management; ultimately highlighting portfolio risks and market opportunities.


Ensuring that both your patients and your organization realizes maximum strategic, operational and fiscal value from each location requires the continuous monitoring and alignment of a complex series of variables. In today’s environment, effective asset valuation must be defined through the combination of facilities management data, operational requirements and strategic context. Pivotal aggregates these multiple information streams, allowing for the dynamic alignment and visualization of a comprehensive set of performance data, allowing you to maximize the ROI of each location.

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