A Dynamic Planning Platform For Healthcare Business Decisions

Pivotal is a map-based, claims driven analytics platform equipped with a unique framework that empowers users to rapidly develop business plans, update those plans on demand and share them with key stakeholders. The platform helps to reduce risk by aggregating all the data critical to making informed decisions, ultimately accelerating business planning by enabling health leaders to be agile. Pivotal is transforming how the healthcare industry plans by providing unmatched healthcare insights on demand.

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Case Studies

Oversupply of Urgent Care Facilities in Market, Which Ones Are Most Likely to Succeed?


ASC Expansion Strategy, Evaluating Between Two Sites

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"By combining the best-in-class claims data and intellectual property of Optum's data science team with Array Analytic's proprietary facility and capacity data, we are jointly able to offer a product that covers both market-level supply and demand intelligence available nowhere else."


—  SVP, Optum

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